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Professional Holistic Massage Therapy in Glendale CA

Broad Range of Modalities
From deep tissue and Swedish massage to lymphatic, trigger point therapy and neuromuscular reeducation, expertise spans a diverse range of modalities to meet varied needs, relieving stress and strain.
Kinesiology Insight
Equipped with Kinesiology Insights, a deep understanding of human body mechanics enables precision in addressing pain points and promoting the body's functional mobility.

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Connor Johnson. I am a graduate from Chapman University and National Holistic Institute College of Massage Therapy and am eager to help people increase their quality of life by offering the great knowledge and healing techniques that I have learned throughout my life journey. I specialize in massage relating to pain management and injury prevention. Together we will work through the layers of your pain and discover the underlying cause to create long lasting relief. I am trained and qualified in multiple modalities and techniques including numerous styles of Massage Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Corrective Exercise, Reiki, and Craniosacral Therapy. My understanding of the human body through my education at Chapman and NHI allow me to effectively create and implement my strategies and apply specific techniques based on your individual needs. I have a strong desire to help others and would love to share this passion with as many people as I can. For more information about me feel free to reach out by phone or email. I look forward to connecting with you!

Massage Options

Personalized Holistic Massage Therapy Journeys

As a Holistic Massage Therapy Experts in Glendale CA with expertise across various modalities, I’m dedicated to guiding you toward the massage technique that aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

Holistic Massage Therapy Services

Connor Johnson specializes in melting away your stress and leaving you refreshed. As an expert in holistic massage therapy in Glendale CA, I use proven techniques and gentle hand movements to provide a soothing experience for each of my clients. From reduced muscle tension to increased blood circulation, my holistic massage therapy services in Glendale CA, offer numerous benefits.

As one of the best holistic massage therapy experts in Glendale CA, I ensure my services are of high quality. From Swedish massage to Lymphatic Drainage, you can choose from the carefully curated list of therapies per your convenience and needs. Moreover, clients experience the ultimate relaxation in a comfortable environment.

Delve beyond the upper layers. Target deep-rooted tensions and knots, improving body function and easing chronic pain.
High-quality massage therapy at your location. Prioritize pain management and body functionality, bringing therapeutic relief right to you.
Bridge the gap between nerves and muscles. Address muscle imbalances, reduce pain, and enhance body mechanics with this expert technique.
More than just soothing strokes. Promote circulation, enhance muscle function, and alleviate discomfort, supporting the body’s overall wellness.
Specialized lymphatic drainage services expertly target injury recovery and enhance post-surgical rehabilitation.
Unbind and realign. Address myofascial restrictions, enhance mobility, reduce pain, and optimize your body’s functional potential.

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For a seamless experience, secure your session using my hassle-free online booking system. Alternatively, feel free to reach out directly at (818) 281-6096.

Experience the Healing Power like Never Before

When it comes to Glendale Holistic massage therapy services, Connor Johnson is the best choice. Every session is personalized to cater to your requirements, aiming for a cohesive blend of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Using only the finest products, I promote thorough healing. Having me by your side guarantees you’ll receive unparalleled attention and care. It is an excellent chance to experience professional massage therapy in Glendale, CA, which no one other than Connor Johnson provides. All you need to do is book your appointment and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.

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